Crop Circle Formation Near
MILK HILL, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, UK

By John Rhodes 8 2007

On June 7th, 2007, a crop circle was discovered in a field near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, England.  Although it seemed no more unusual that the other 2007 crop formations, when carefully inspected, it appeared to contain sacred, alchemical geometry. Could this be a truly remarkable formation that contains a cryptic message for humanity? 

By exposing the hidden geometry in the design, I intend to reveal numerous alchemical symbols that are embedded in the formation.  These symbols, when contemplated upon, may be providing a mysterious warning and advice for spiritual survival during our ever increasing difficult and threatening period in human history.



To the right is a preliminary diagram of the formation as drawn by Andreas Muller ( As you can see, it contains several broken large circles and ten small circles, two of which are even smaller. Overlaying the broken circles appears to be an inverted diamond shape.

Upon first inspection, the formation appears to have an obvious outline of a diamond wing jet aircraft with twin engines. Could it be that aliens are warning us about America's military presence in Iraq, as well as in other areas of the world? Are Oxford University plasma physics students hijacking satellites, pulsing plasma energies through templates, and "weaving" their anti-war propaganda into crops?  (See the Iraq War astrological natal chart which has the same overlaying diamond shape in the chart!)

Regardless of who is making the circles, war does appear to be a very important part of the message.  This interpretation is further validated by the fact that the White Horse formation is slightly off center and is pointing directly North-Northeast at the White Horse of Chalk Hill.



So what is the connection between the crop circle formation and the symbol of the white horse?

The crop formation was named the White Horse Milk Hill circle because it appeared below a drawing of a white horse.  The horse was cut into nearby Alton Barnes Milk Hill by the land owner in 1812. (The white color comes from the chalk under the surface of the hill).

There are two horse designs cut into the hills of England. This drawing and the one called the Uffington Horse. (The former being the oldest hill figure in England, which is believed to be a Celtic drawing of a dragon. The figure even has a split, snake-like tongue!)

In researching eschatological (end-of-the-world) symbolism, a person will find a White Horse that makes a remarkable appearance in the biblical Revelation, written by John.


19:11  And I saw the heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and one sitting on it, Faithful and True, and he judges and makes war in righteousness. 

19:12  And his eyes are a flame of fire, and upon his head many diadems, having a name written which no one knows but himself;

19:13  and [he is] clothed with a garment dipped in blood; and his name is called The Word of God. 

19:14  And the armies which [are] in the heaven followed him upon white horses, clad in white, pure, fine linen. 

19:15 And out of his mouth goes a sharp [two-edged] sword, that with it he might smite the nations; and he shall shepherd them with an iron rod; and he treads the wine-press of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty.

No, Jesus didn't make the crop circle, but the mention of something coming from the heavens, raining down death upon the earth does get us back to the aircraft and war:

Currently, World opinion is that the United States is 'raining down war' upon the earth from the skies above Iraq and Afghanistan. The use of aircraft 'in the heavens' during war inflicts great suffering when the end result is the death and injury of innocent men, women, and children.

The passage in Revelation relates that "his"(?) name is "The Word of God," yet nothing seems to be spoken. Could it be that the "Word of God" was to be delivered by the White Horse, not necessarily verbally?


So, we know the United States, under the direction of President George Bush, is at war. Death and devastation is delivered to American television viewers every night on TV screens, but what is being said in the crop formation that can help us on individual levels?

To an unschooled eye, the diagram appears one dimensional. To an eye trained in the study of hidden symbolism, on the other hand,  the symbol appears to embrace several alchemical points that are worthy of noting.

The first thing to do when decrypting an alchemical message is to break down the symbol into separate parts.  This means to make the circles whole, continue lines to central points and review the resulting diagram.

To the left you will see that I completed the circles, connected the points and encircled (added to ratio) the FIFTH (Hidden Element) corner of the design. It reveals a pyramid with transecting lines connected at the center.

When viewing the pyramid from an angle as depicted in the White Horse formation, only four of the five points are visible.  After breaking it down, however, the fifth and most important element point comes into view. When it comes to alchemical symbolism, there is no more important point than the center, which is always known to be YOUR  PERSONAL CENTER . . . The Self.  

The Fifth cornerstone of the pyramid represents the Sacred CORNER STONE (of freemasonry), the SELF, the center of a PYRAMID Fire. It is the alchemical element required for physical manifestation. It also represents the burning element that is necessary for man to CONTROL CHANGE THROUGH CONCENTRATED WILL-POWER.  I believe the message suggests an encouragement toward PHYSICAL / PSYCHOLOGICAL CHANGE,  a SHIFT IN PERSPECTIVE and Encouragement of ACTION during a time of war and unrest.

(Here is a John Rhodes' "Secret Key To Personal Alchemy": Our alter-ego (or subconscious) self is loosened into the AETHER or Astral realm when we sleep. The direction our subconscious takes depends on the underlying thoughts we were having throughout the preceding day, and the amount of emotionally charged willpower put into those thoughts. The energy "Thought Forms" we release at night interact with our nearby dimension and attract or repel people, opportunities and other spirits to our conscious, or awakened, life. By controlling the thoughts we have before we drift off to sleep, we can change our world and the way we experience it.)

In the world of today, Climate Change, Regional Water Wars, Hunger, and Natural Disasters threatens the collapse of modern civilization. News of daily events set people on edge and cause stress, affecting the human immune system negatively. To avoid stress-related physical ailments, I feel it is vital for us to change the world, the way we live in it, and the way we connect with nature. 

The earliest insight resulting from the study of alchemy (change) of the spirit, concluded one certain thing: The amount of energy we put into maintaining Peace, Balance, and Control through self-reflection and meditation, is directly proportional to the health, security, and happiness that we attain in life. 

Could it be that they, the (alien or human) cereal artists are trying to say "don't go crazy" or "get centered" when things get chaotic?  (I would like to believe they care that much about us!)


History clearly shows us that Leonardo Da Vinci was a fascinating artist and observer of human beings. From the depths of his mind were born both machines of war and insight into the natural form of man.  Da Vinci studied the alchemy of life through symbolism and its association with the human form.

In the "Study of Proportions," one of Da Vinci's most recognizable drawings, a man is standing within a circle and square in two distinct poses. The first pose has him standing in a square with feet together and arms held outward. The second pose has the man standing in a circle with legs apart and arms raised even with his head. 

He is standing in a square and circle, the freemasonic geometric expressions of the compass and square.

His outstretched fingers reach the border of the square in the feet together pose and touch the circle in the legs apart position.


When I superimposed Leonardo Da Vinci's "Study of Proportion" over the secondary White Horse formation diagram, several points of contact between the two images became apparent.  

The fifth element (sacred cornerstone)
is positioned just below the man's navel.

His fingers, from both poses, reach the
borders of the two outermost circles.

Feet together AND feet apart, he is standing in the circle.
(This indicates the presence of the hidden square)

Feet apart, the man stands upon the
smallest two of the ten minor circles.

Da Vinci's square intersects the inner circle where his fingers touch.


To me, the bisymmetry of the geometry also indicates BALANCE . . one of the major keys to happiness and health.


We may never completely decrypt this formation, but two things about it are certain in my mind: It contains hidden geometry that has been used by alchemists for hundreds of years, and it appears to be warning us about war.

There are too many threats to our continuance as a modern society to list here. Global Climate Change, Nuclear Terrorism, Viral Plagues ....the possible future looks pretty grim. Whoever is creating crop formations that have trace electromagnetic signatures and blown-out stalk nodes may also be on the inside-scoop of knowing what disasters or magnificent events lay ahead for human kind. 

Could it be that genius plasma physics students, beings from other dimensions, ET's or even Reptoids are simply drawing pretty pictures in fields, on ice, in caves around the world? Wouldn't that just be a big waste of time?

What if the formation makers are creating complex geometric designs, containing ancient alchemical symbols, and combing them into single formations? This way, they can draw out a "magical mental template" that, by its shear design, can convey a message to a viewer without a single written word?

Reptoids have been seen projecting complex geometric plasma forms at their human contacts, who later recalled being suddenly infused with technical intellect that was far beyond the scope of their educational background. (Sorry, the residual intelligence and heightened psychic sensitivities wears off after time!) Could it be that the REAL formations, the ones that have anomalous structural changes, are subconsciously effecting viewers and motivating certain thoughts, actions or spiritual growth?  

Let's face it. Whoever is making the formations most likely has the intelligence to have written us in plain English by now. Even if they are visitors from other star systems! They choose, however, to continue to communicate using the language of symbols. Why?

By researching the language of ancient alchemy (the study of using symbols to drive human consciousness),  we push our minds into areas of thought that can effect our very being.  If our world is about to change, we have to shift  our personal perceptions, adapt new survival strategies and maintain a spiritual balance.

From my perspective, I believe it is vital that we learn to decipher these messages in case the truly mysterious formation makers are trying to help us avoid societal chaos and personal disaster. What if  the intentions of the artists have been to set the viewers out on a personal voyage of self-discovery before some climactic event?  How terrible to finally one day fully decrypt the message only to read:

"You Are Too Late!"