"They" say that

(See the CryptoHunter's Conspiracy Zone MIB Evidence)

The Historical Perspective:
Since the antediluvian records were first etched in clay, human beings have reported sightings of mysterious, god-like beings that have demonstrated unworldly powers over their human contacts. Whether they are called Angels, Elves, Fish-like beings or Dragons, "magical" characters such as these have influenced humanity since the first dawn of modern man.

Ancient priesthood's, claiming to have had direct contact with these mysterious beings during the course of their rituals in darkened caves and rock temples, shaped their cultures belief systems by sharing the words of their gods and their own interpretations of what "god's" will was for mankind. Not all information imparted to the initiated by the gods, however, was intended for the ears of uninitiated "outsiders." 

In order to protect their most sacred information and insure their control over the commoners, the earliest priesthood's, such as the Brotherhood of the Snake (the seed of multiple modern day fraternal orders such as the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Knights Templar, Brotherhood of Luxor etc.) used the temple guards to maintain the security of their inner sanctuaries and ordered the murders of anyone intending to divulge their Secret of Secrets to the masses. 

When temple guards could not prevent a possible revelation of their secrets, the most powerful of the magician - priests would perform rituals in the depths of their temple caverns in order to call upon the "gods" themselves to intervene in the matter. 

The brotherhood of occult secrecy extends into modern times in the forms of business, political and military organizations, intelligence agencies and fraternal orders. Since an uncontrolled release of information regarding the reality of non-human intelligences would disrupt human society, is unofficially agreed upon by all that suppression of such proof is best for society. The "what they don't know, won't hurt them" phrase justifies the end result and maintains the predictability of human consumption and economic movement.  

Exposing the identity and reality of U.F.O. occupants may be regarded by some individuals working within various organizations and agencies as revealing the face of the "gods" with whom the highest of their order have been in communicating with for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. This, of course, would be considered the highest form of sacrilege. 

Just as ancient priesthood's had temple guards murder the over curious commoner who may have witnessed a sacred underground ritual, certain fraternal or "priestly" forces of modern society appear to be using a mysterious guard-cult to control and/or sacrifice those that intend to expose the most sacred knowledge regarding the UFO - alien phenomena. 

Today, it appears as though the most secret and mysterious guard-cult  to emerge into our reality from the unseen land of the "gods" are the Men In Black.

MIB Type Classifications:
Analysis of data regarding descriptions of these mysterious beings indicate that there are two types of MIB intelligence operatives.


  • TYPE I MIBs are intelligent, non-human covert operatives who have been appearing since the mid eighteen hundreds. They often introduce themselves as Federal officers, presenting official yet unverifiable, identification badges as proof of association with agencies such as the CIA, FBI, NSA etc.
  • TYPE II MIBs are human military intelligence personnel who wear the historically classical Men In Black attire as a costume so as to discredit later reports of their own activities.

This cross impersonation appears to be a calculated effort by both types to confuse their targets and destroy the credibility of their reported UFO sightings or alien encounters. 

In this report, we will be dealing primarily with reports of Type I MIB activity.

Type I and Type II MIB’s appear to have a shared objective. Their missions is to psychologically and physically intimidate anyone who threatens to disrupt human society by divulging the reality behind the hyper-exotic flying craft and their non-human occupants. This includes, but is not limited to, anything convincingly provable about non-human intelligences and their interactions with surface mankind.

The two most common targets of Type I and II MIB operatives are those individuals that have recently experienced a close encounter of the first through 4th kind and certain UFO related phenomena researchers.

Methods of Operation:
For the most part, the MIB appear to work in teams of three. They are usually all males. (There have been reports of the MIB being female in appearance, but these cases are in the minority.) 

In many encounters with the MIB, experiencers report that while one MIB interacted with them, the  other two usually wait beyond the scope of the conversation near of in their black, heavily tinted 1950's vehicle. 

Their method of intimidation appears to be threefold. When their target is alone, they enter their home, either invited or uninvited, and proceed to coerce them into silence by:

1) Capitalizing on their physical appearance so as to cause psychological and emotional stress.

2) Exhibiting otherwise "anomalous" mental and physical abilities, (i.e. materializing or dematerializing physical objects, using telepathy as a form of communication, remote viewing objects and activity outside their visual range, and a assortment other psychic abilities) as a demonstration of their power over their intended human target.

3) Threatening to terminate either their targets personal life or the life of one or more of his family members  should their target fail to comply with their "suggestions."

Physical Descriptions:
For the most part, the MIB have adapted the image of an undertaker or a "dead" person to utilize as a disguise of intimidation (like the man who appeared at the door in the movie "Poltergeist.")

They wear black suits, black hats, white shirts, dark ties, black shoes and dark sunglasses (which they rarely remove and drive black cars.) 

They have been seen to either wear black leather gloves or have their hands in their pockets for most of the time. 

Experiencers have reported that their clothes look old in fashion, yet strikingly new and unworn. 

No watches, rings, reading glasses, beepers, cellular phones, etc. have been seen on their person.

The MIB physical frame is reported as being of slight build and having long limbs. 

They range from five and a half to six and a half feet in height. 

Although their appearance would suggest that they have the ability to be quite limber and mobile, it has often been reported that the MIB walk with short, rigid steps with a detectable lean in the direction of their travel. Their physical motions appear to be momentarily preplanned and executed with extreme precision.

The color of their skin has been described as having either being a pale white or a dark tan color with only the face exposed most of the time. 

Their black hats often cover a head that is entirely void of hair. In some cases, a dark color was seen near where the hat meets the skin, but no hair follicles were seen at all, leaving the impression that it also was part of the disguise. 

The MIB have little (false?) or no head or facial hair, including eyebrows or eyelashes.  

They have high cheekbones and strongly defined jaw lines that frame their gaunt, pale face.
Of all MIB encounter statements reviewed to date, it appears as though no experiencers have ever seen facial identifiers such as scars, or moles. 

Their lips are described as either thin or completely non-existent. (In one particular case, the MIB accidentally wiped his gloved hand across his mouth revealing the fact that he was wearing a lipstick-like application so as to appear as though he had lips when, in fact, he had no lips at all!)

The most remarkably noticeable and psychologically intimidating MIB facial features are their eyes. Type I MIB experiencers repeatedly describe their contacts as having large, almond shaped eyes that are uncomfortably dark, piercing and, at times, are seen to glow red in color. (The red color may be a reflection of light similar to that which we often see in normal flash photography.) 

Their eyes are also reported as being unusually slanted. This sharply inclined attitude of the eyes has led many experiencers to report that these bizarre and black suited characters were somewhat "Asian" in appearance.
Methods of Transportation:
Individuals, who have had the unfortunate opportunity to interact with these mysterious and sinister MIB characters, report that they arrive on the scene of their encounters by one of two methods. Either by automobile or by manifesting out of thin air.

Numerous MIB experiencers have reported that the MIB arrived and departed in vehicles that were late model Cadillacs that were black in color and had heavily tinted windows.

These vehicles, although appearing as a 1950's model, were unusually new and pristine in appearance, showing no signs of normal use. 
In most cases, people report that the MIB's vehicle's license plates were either missing or had numbers that were later found to be untraceable. 

When individuals were driven to alternate locations, they have reported that the interior of the vehicles were filled with hyper advanced electronics and made no sound at all. 

When encounters occur during the evening hours, the shiny black MIB vehicles have been seen to drive off into the dark of night without the use of headlights.
An even more mysterious form of MIB transportation is their ability to manifest and emerge from, literally, "out of the blue." MIB have been reported to arrive on the scene unannounced in the experiencers home, coming forth from a bluish glow emanating from a closet or doorway to another room. (Curiously enough, this same bluish glow or beam has reportedly been seen when experiencers are transported to and from alien craft; emitting from the inside of an MIB vehicle and radiating from caves or alongside mountains where time-space ‘portals’ are thought to exist.) After the MIB’s have left the scene of these particular encounters, the areas formerly bathed in bluish light were inspected for indications of alternate ways of entry or exit. None were found.

It has also been reported that, whether in the dust, snow, mud or rain, physical impressions left by the MIB disappear within a short period of time following the encounter. When the ground is covered with mud, footprints and tire tracks that appeared during the encounter, vanish entirely.

It is argued by some researchers that a physical object, whether a man or vehicle, would leave tangible evidence such as a physical indentation in the mud or snow and that a non-physical image or "projection" would leave no impressions at all except for in the mind and psyche of the experiencer. This observation has lead many researchers to believe that this absence of post experiential physical evidence in MIB encounters, such as tire tracks or foot prints, indicates one of two possibilities: The Type I MIB’s and their modes of transportation are either telepathic or holographic projections emanating from a craft or underground facilities or they are living entities emerging from an altogether separate dimension or non-physical locality.

Researchers are reminded that, just as the MIB appear to be physically tangible beings emerging from a glowing cloud of blue light, so can a great magician distort ones view of reality by creating an the illusion of making himself or an audience member disappear also. With this in mind, some researchers believe that the method of transportation that an MIB employs may, in fact, be a carefully preconceived magic "act" played upon the experiencer so as to produce emotional shock, psychological trauma and to further disrupt their ability to reason reality, leaving them questioning their own sanity.

MIB Behavior:
The behavior of the MIB ranges from the unusual to the absolutely absurd. Some people have even commented that they appeared to be like fish out of water.

They do not display any emotions and their demeanor is always formal, sinister and neutral, even when confronted with violent reactions to their presence.

They watch their targets closely, mirror their body language and the way they interact with their environment. If the target behaves in an unusual manner, the MIB, apparently unaware of how to act in the human environment, mimics the odd behavior in an effort to look natural.

In some cases, the MIB were reported to have been fascinated by ordinary household objects, such as ashtrays, pens, etc. and have been seen to inspect them with utmost curiosity.

They speak slowly and their use of the English language is impeccable. In some instances, a slight foreign accent is noticed.

They appear to walk rigidly and are quickly exhausted by the slightest physical activity. In a few cases, they have been heard and seen having difficulty breathing. This difficulty in breathing has been described as a heavy and stressed draw of breath followed by a pressed exhale.

Effects of Contact:
Individuals who have claimed contact with Type I MIB’s report experiencing psychological and/or physical disorders following their encounter. These effects range in intensity depending on the mental and physical state of the experiencer prior to the event.


A ailments include: vomiting, nausea, headaches and short term memory loss. In some cases, individuals have reported being plagued by strong and unpleasant odors following their MIB contact. This odor tends to intensify many of the experiencers symptoms.

Since many UFO phenomena researchers have reported that anti-gravitational craft appear to disturb the magnetic field local to the area of flight, these physical ailments may indicate the experiencers exposure to extremely strong electromagnetic fields. (Many UFO researchers to use tri-field magnetometers as an important tool during the course of their field investigations.) It has also been reported that these same physical symptoms are experienced by individuals that are thought to have been the targets of suspected mind control abuse administered by use of extreme low frequency (ELF) transmissions.

Female experiencers report having irregularities in their menstrual cycle, immediately following the Type I MIB encounter. Although in many cases this irregularity is later discovered to be caused by extreme psychological stress, some female experiencers to believe that they may have been abducted and impregnated after their contact with the MIB.
Initial emotional responses to an MIB contact are similar to those of a person having recently lost a relative or friend to death. One is immediately consumed by feelings of shock, denial, anger, depression. After passing through these initial responses, the experiencer finally resigns him or herself to their newly formed perceptions of reality.

The sustained psychological effects of MIB encounters are likened to the post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) experienced by veterans of war. MIB experiencers report a variety of psychological problems which include symptoms such as: depression, anxiety, violent or explosive episodes, panic attacks, loss of energy and physical endurance, insomnia, nightmares, loss of appetite, cognitive distortions including memory loss and dissociation. Impaired decision-making ability and their increased perception of total loss of control of ones life manifests itself in the experiencers inability to re-engage in their personal and professional life. The duration of these psychological effects depends on the experiencers mental and emotional constitution. (Note: Many of these same physical and psychological reactions are said to be shared by people reporting contact with entities perceived as having reptilian characteristics such as Satan.)

The MIB - Reptilian Inner-Earth Connection:
The strange physical appearance and odd behavior of the classical MIB portrays an image of something that is both unfamiliar and uncomfortable in our natural environment. This has lead many researchers and experiencers to the believe that the Type I MIB’s are either non-physical entities impersonating human beings and who’s origin is that of another dimension or biological life forms originating from an environment and culture foreign to that of Earth’s surface. As no physical evidence can be obtained on the scene of a MIB encounter, the question as to the actual MIB origin may remain unresolved for as long as the veil of secrecy enshrouding the UFO phenomena exists.

It is in this researcher’s opinion, however, that one fact regarding the MIB phenomena is absolutely certain. The majority of alien beings that have been encountered throughout the history of the UFO phenomena and the MIB share one particular clue as to their identity. They almost all have superficial anatomical features that are reminiscent of those of a reptile. This fact brings us to the MIB-reptilian alien connection.

With the exception of the Insectoid or Praying Mantis and human-like aliens, the majority of nonhuman beings that have been encountered through out the entire history of UFO phenomena, have displayed reptilian characteristics in their superficial anatomy. Whether it is the saurian-humanoid statuettes of ancient Sumeria, thought to be representations of the pre-flood "god" beings that ruled the Fertile Crescent area of Middle East, or the lizard-like, slant-eyed aliens of the Roswell New Mexico’s 1947 crash, the reptilian image permeates all facets of the alien phenomena, including cases regarding the Men In Black.

In the majority of Type I MIB contacts, the descriptions of their facial features, such as large slit-like and slanted eyes, complete lack of facial hair, strong jaw lines and lipless mouths, are strongly reminiscent of the superficial anatomy of a reptile. Many agree with that the facial features have a slight resemblance to those of a reptile, but point out that they don’t possess the same physical form as a human. When this point is argued, the work of North Carolina state museum paleontologist, Dale Russell, can be brought forward to illustrate the possible anatomical connections linking the humanoid and reptilian/saurian forms.

While contracted by NASA to create a hypothetical model of an extraterrestrial life form, Dr. Dale Russell fed data regarding the Troodon dinosaur’s physical characteristics through a computer and generated a highly evolved saurian being strongly resembling a humanoid-reptilian. This "thought experiment", as Dr. Russell puts it, clearly demonstrates the fact that the dinosaurs were on an evolutionary path that would have eventually led them to achieving a humanoid structural form if it had survived the Chixulub (Yucatan) asteroid impact that occurred during the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary period 65 million years ago. Dr. Russell’s reptilian humanoid model provides evidence linking the reptilian and humanoid physical form. Most intriguingly, it connects this image with the federal governments research into extraterrestrial life forms.
A highly publicized alien contact case that echoes a familiar, albeit more revealing, MIB description is that of South Carolina’s "Lizardman." On July 20, 1988, several residents of Bishopville, South Carolina, reported being terrorized by "a seven foot tall Lizard-man-like creature that had no hair, eyebrows or lips, three fingers on each hand and large slanted eyes that glowed red in color." A total of five sightings of the "Lizardman." were reported. [LA Times & Herald Examiner newspapers, 7-21-1988.] Although this reptilian-humanoid creature acted in a very primitively aggressive manner and wasn't’t wearing a black suite, shades and driving a shiny new Cadillac, cases such as this may be evidence of an accidental contact with beings that are intelligent reptile-like humanoids who are untrained in human-reptilian interaction. Preplanned contacts with the human species may include the use of intricate disguises and education in human culture, so as to remain somewhat anonymous in their somewhat foreign environment.

By all indications, the human governments have gone to extreme measures to erase, ridicule, discredit, dis-inform and manipulate the UFO community in order to control the output of information regarding the alien phenomena. One of the most common arguments against the possibility of human-alien interaction is "if an advanced nonhuman culture coexists on Earth with the human species, why don’t they just land and show themselves?" It’s true, if these reptilian "alien" life forms are real, they most likely have thought of publicly introducing themselves to the human race. Since the vast majority of the human race is unaware of their existence, however, it is appears that the alien species, that controls our skies and perhaps our entire planet, wish to remain unidentified. If this is the case, then it seems reasonable to believe that they also have their own intelligence operatives manipulating the output of UFO information so as to keep their identity a secret.

Thus the "Crux Ansata" of the MIB phenomena remains a question. If the majority of nonhuman intelligent alien life forms that are encountered on earth and the MIB share various superficial anatomical features resembling a reptile, are the Type I MIB reptilian alien operatives working on behalf of the "gods" to insure the survival of our current belief system and to protect the ultimate and sacred secret of their reality from being disclosed to the commoners? Is the upright walking and talking serpent of the Garden of Eden, keeping their surface dwelling human neighbors from eating the "Forbidden Tree of Knowledge" by order of the highest magnitude? Some people may know the answer to these questions, however, it appears as though we may never hear from them.

They may have been told by their slant eyed visitors, dressed in Black, that some secrets are meant to be kept . . or else!