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The Fascinating Case of Clarita Villanueva



In the course of years of intensive research and subsequent lecturing about the reptilian influence in the UFO phenomena, this researcher has documented hundreds of cases regarding reptilian "alien" contact. According to the statistical analysis of these reports, the reptilian species appear to be split in their attitudes towards humanity.

Many reptoid "aliens" present themselves as non-emotional creatures intent on performing acts that are considered by humans as evil or malicious. Some reptoids on the other hand, contact humans and engage in activities though of as benevolent or highly spiritual. These contrasting reports indicate that there must be some reptoid creatures that are attempting to shift the balance of power towards a positive polarity

When a person encounters a reptilian "alien" that displays hatred or contempt towards them, it is extremely difficult to try to get the experiencer to recognize that not all reptoids are like the ones they met. In contrast, when an individual makes contact with a benevolent reptilian, they tend to believe that all reptilians are spiritually enlightened and welcome reptilian "alien" contact without reservation. Both of these extremist post event attitudes are extremely dangerous to entertain as they do not allow us to maintain an objective perspective regarding the creatures and their possible agendas.

This report is written for the experiencer who believes that all reptilian are beautiful and wonderful beings. Beware, some might be....but they are not all alike.

Case: Inter-dimensional Beings attacking human Female.
Subject: Clarita Villanueva, Female
Location: Manila, Philippines
Date: May, 1951
Witnesses: Dr. Marianna Lana (Attending Physician), Arsenio Lascon (Mayor), two local constables and several newspaper reporters.

"It was a sultry May evening in 1951, and the Manila police patrols were expecting trouble. There was the smell of it in the air and it was as safe a prediction as the storm warning which was being made by the distant rumble of the approaching thunderstorm. That was why a patrol car sped instantly along the main street when they received a message that a crowd was gathering outside one of the waterfront bars. The car skidded to a stop as a terrified scream rang out. Forcing their way through the watching crowd, the constables saw a girl rolling about on the ground. She was shouting: "Keep it away from me! Keep it away...Oh, please, won't someone help me? I can't stand the pain!"

But there was nothing anybody could do, for there was no one anywhere near the girl-yet the shocked policemen clearly saw teeth marks appearing on the girl's arms and neck. As nobody else moved to help her, the crowd just watched in superstitious honor, the constables sprang forward and carried the frantically struggling girl to the car, manacled her-and drove at top speed all the way to headquarters.

All during the journey she fought against the manacles screaming and sobbing" "Please call The Thing off. It's biting me to death. I can't stand it anymore..."

But there was little the policemen could do, in fact, there was nothing anybody at headquarters could do, but summon the police doctor. At first, they suspected that the girl, Clarita Villaneuva, had been taking drugs or drinking. But there was a more macabre, inexplicable reason for it all. A reason so fantastic that, at first it even fooled the police medical officer, Dr. Marianna Lara, who gave her one quick look and snapped: "She's having an epileptic fit."

The policemen next took Clarita to a cell, ignoring her pleas not to leave her alone. As the cell door slammed, Clarita collapsed to the floor sobering bitterly. A few minutes later, she started screaming uncontrollably and this time the two policemen came running. The distraught girl moaned to them: "The Thing is coming at me. It's coming through the cell door as if it weren't there." Whatever "It" was, looked like a man, she claimed, but it had big bulging eyes and wore a cape over it's shoulders. And it could float in mid air!

The policemen let themselves into the cell, but they could see nothing. All they could do was try to calm the girl. Yet, even as they watched, more and more bite marks began appearing on her arms. This time, the policemen decided to send for the chief of police, the mayor, and, once again, the medical officer, Dr. Lara. They arrived and everybody agreed that the bites could not possibly have been self-inflicted for no one could bite herself on the back of the shoulders. Yet Clarita clearly was being bitten there!

Eventually, the exhausted girl fell asleep and in the morning she had to appear in court to face charges of vagrancy. But just as she was being taken into the court, she screamed that "The Thing" was back. The two policemen beside her saw teeth marks, deep and painful looking on her arms, hands and neck. Several newspaper reporters, court officials and Dr. Lara also stared at them in sheer astonishment. For five terrifying minutes the attack went on until Clarita fell unconscious to the floor. Then the amazed medical officer carried out an on-the-spot examination and found himself baffled! "These bites are genuine," he told reporters. "And they are not self inflicted!"

The reporters knew they were on to a great story and rushed to catch their editions. Half-an-hour later, Mayor Arsenio Lascon arrived and spoke to Clarita, whose arms and hands were badly swollen by then. Mayor Lascon decided to ride in the ambulance with the medical officer, Lara, and see that nothing happened to the unfortunate girl. But even in the ambulance, she shouted once again that "The Thing" was after her. Only on this occasion there were two of the creatures, both with the same large, staring eyes. Both the mayor and the doctor said on oath that they watched as vicious-looking teeth marks came up on both side of the girl's throat and her hands, even as the mayor was holding them in an effort to comfort her.

It took fifteen minutes for the ambulance to reach the hospital-and to Lascon they were the longest fifteen minutes of his life. It seemed more like twenty-four hours in Hell, he said afterwards. Strangely, once the girl was in hospital, the attacks ceased and although she was guarded night and day nothing ever happened. She recovered and was released from the hospital six weeks later.

Dr. Lara, once skeptical, was now deeply interested in the case and recorded: "What happened to Clarita Villanueva is a complete mystery, something which defies description. She was repeatedly attacked by something with invisible sharp fangs. We shall never know what it was, but I don't mind admitting that I was scared stiff." And even today, Clarita still has bite marks all over her body...evidence of the impossible was, unhappily, possible!" (A Look Through Secret Doors By John Mackim, 1969, Ace Publishing)


Who or what was the attacker? Stories of invisible creatures viciously assaulting women are not new. It has been ongoing since time began. Clarita Villanueva described the creature as having "Large, staring eyes", the ability to move through solid matter and wearing a cape. This report is remarkably similar to those of women who claimed to have been sexually attacked by inter-dimensional reptilian beings. This case was remarkable in the fact that her attack was witnessed by so many bystanders. People who could do little else other than stand by helplessly, watching her be inflicted by unseen "large eyed" creatures who walked through walls.

Could this attack have been inflicted upon Clarita by two inter-dimensional Draco reptilian beings? Could Clarita have misidentified their retracted bat-like wings as capes during her frightful encounter? Reports of these creatures attacking animals and humans are increasing. The veiled boundary or border that separates dimensions is slowly collapsing and are we about to be invaded by something that's already here....perhaps even beside you as you read this.