These photos were taken at John Rhodes's father's ranch in 1996. His father had passed away just days before of a heart attack.

As you can see, the vortex light form has a defined structure. Spiraling light is emanating from a more solid (grounding?) base in an upward direction.







Mr. Rhodes has received photos from other people that show similar serpentine vortex lights forms. This image of a baby shows four individual vortex light forms. In two instances they can be seen crossing flight paths.  


Aside from his search for Reptilian-Humanoids and promoting scientific investigation into the subject,
John Rhodes has been studying these anomalous, spiraling photon structures. He has many more examples on film. Could these snapshots be capturing spirit - khundalini energy of other dimensional (dead) beings or relatives? Are they astral (photonic) energies being projected by the people taking the pictures? It will be nice to one day find out for sure!